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PFMonitor Changelog

PF Monitor CODE_VER Release - Changelog

This system is optimized for 1366x768 or larger resolution for reports, and charts.

First Build:            November 11th, 2016
Released by:  		MasterX-BKC-
Build version:  	CODE_VER 
Build date: 		CODE_VER_DATE 
License:		License Required for use!

Support E-Mail:		[email protected]

Release Author:		MasterX-BKC-
Author Email:		--------------------
Author URL:		http://pfmonitor.com

Sorry guys, I've forgotten to update the changelog for quite some time, but I have been making updates as needed for pfsense up to version 2.4.4p3.

Fixed a bug in the backup download function which was causing backups to fail to download, or say they didnt exist, in cases where a firewall was rapidly changing IPs, or rapidly transitioning between IPv4 and IPv6.

Fixed a bug in the monthly reports system, the daily reports used to generate the monthly packets were expiring from the database too quickly, ending up with monthly packets that only contained a single page.
This should be resolved now, and daily and monthly reports should stack up correctly now.

Fixed a long standing visual issue on the NOC dashboard, version numbers would always alert if any other component was alerting.  Discovered to be a cross linked variable name from a seperate subsystem.
Bumping version to 2.3.87

Added Description of Port/Service to Offender Reports Targetted Section.
Bumped Version to 2.3.86

Many more UI adjustments and fixes, Namely the Manage Devices page, Offender Reports, News Alerts...
Re-enabled Historical logging for 24 hours to see how it goes.
Created seperate Live/Historical Global Logs pages.
Bumped Version to 2.3.85

Fixed a bug in the Delete Device function that would cause the page to hang if the device had a non-existing cloudflare DynDns link.

Added logging of all commands sent to firewall devices, see them in the authentication logs section, IP of the initiating person are logged also.
Added ability to Restart OpenVPN, and Run Config Backups on all devices with a single click.
Improved Logging system functions for simplification of execution.
Fixed a UI glitch left over from a debugging session, in which your timezone offset is displayed in the title bar needlessly.
Bumped version number in light of these changes to 2.3.82

Added Status Indicators for Agent and Syslog connections on each devices page.
Fixed a charset issue that was affecting the escaping of some internal code.

Updated Checkin Agents for pfSense to fix some devices having blank serial numbers in PFMonitor due to pfSense code change in 2.4.1

Released NOC Map from Beta Status, Made Map Settings section accessible to users.
Uploaded numerous stock photos to the NOC Map system for people to choose from.
Added Timezone Settings to Account Settings Page, Simplified so you only have to match the clock to your own.
Building integration to cloudflare for hosting dynamic dns service.

Added notification on homepage so users can see a list of failed logins to their PFMonitor Accounts.
Added tracking of Successful Logins as well to the authentication tracking system.
Updated Edit Firewall module with a bugfix that fixes editting a firewall and being told its Dynamic FQDN already exists erroneously. +version 2.3.80
Added a lot of pre-coding to support user timezones.
Minor UI Fixes.

Updated TCP/IP Hit Totals to show rate data, and clarification of the data reflected per the RFCs. +version 2.3.79

Added ARP Table view to PFMonitor. +version 2.3.78
Added ARP Feed to Checkin Agent for pfSense. (OPNSense coming soon)
Adjusted Service freshening to delay slightly so it doesnt cause carp warnings.
Pushed updated Checkin Agent to all devices.
Changed Account Settings page so current E-Mail Address is shown in fields.
Minor UI fixes.

Added Status Screens for pfSense Devices, for OPNSense coming soon.
Updates to the pfSense checkin agent.

Wrote a all-new IPSEC status function in the checkin agent that shows everything correctly and
is more efficient than the code borrowed directly from pfsenses ipsec status tool.  Theirs was
85 lines, mine is 16.
Added support for Interface Statistics in the Checkin Agent.
Added a page in PFMonitor for Interface Statistics.
Fixed a variable overlap in the checkin agents backup tool that was not symptomatic.

Added Un-claimed devices section that shows partial IPs of devices which are reporting to PFMonitor but
are not added to anyones account. +version 2.3.54

Added support for Backups to Lookup by Serial Number in case WAN IP Changed due to DHCP. +version 2.3.53
Relocated Authentication Logs to Access Control Category, seemed more fitting. +version 2.3.52
Added filter option for SSH to authentications page. +version 2.3.51
Improved tracking of Failed logins, and de-asserting of them. +version 2.3.50
Added support for pFsense Failed Logins to SSH Alerting. +version 2.3.49

Rebuilt the News Alerts page. +version 2.3.48
Re-organized Menus, Added Mass ACL Tools, Fixed mismatch on Account Settings page. +version 2.3.47

Added Help page for pfSense Backup System
Added Backup Summary and Status Page. +version 2.3.46

Fixed a minor bug in ACL manager. +version 2.3.45
Added features to PFMonitor to sort and download config backups as needed. +version 2.3.44
Added features to checkin agent to support scheduled, and on demand config backups to the cloud. +version 2.3.43

Added feature to Unblock IPs that were auto-blocked for failed logins to web config. +version 2.3.42
Added feature to Reset Password to the default pfsense password. +version 2.3.41
Added feature to Reload Filter Rules. +version 2.3.40
Added feature to Restart OpenVPN Processes. +version 2.3.39

Updated Checkin Agent with fixes for an intermittent 502 issue, as well as adding ability to restart/recycle
the PHP-FPM, and Web Configurator both from PFMonitor Admin Panel, Even if the web admin is stuck or crashed. +version 2.3.38

Added support for VPN Status and Alerting, NOC Dashboard now alerts on VPN Tunnel outages. +version 2.3.37

Altered Homepage button "My 24H Rate" to link to firewallhits module. +version 2.3.36
Updates to account management in the backend.

Enabled scanning of a port across all your firewalls at once. +version 2.3.35
Improved layout of port scanning tools. +version 2.3.34
Added Security Audit Section with port scan tools +version 2.3.33

Added support for new features of pfSense 2.3.4, BIOS details now available in PFMonitor. +version 2.3.32

Added Failed Logins to the Security Dashboard, they showup highlighted gold/orange. +version 2.3.31
Refined the image size of the Global Trends section a bit.

Added Global Target Trends, ability to analyze historical data of hits against a selected port. +version 2.3.30
Added Port Descriptions to Charts 2 and 3, to help those not familiar with their purpose. +version 2.3.29
Revised Global Charts to show more relevant and usefull information in chart 2 and 3
Chart 2 is now the 15 most targetted Ports.
Chart 3 is now the top 15 Most Unique Attacker IPs per port. +version 2.3.28

Added buttons to execute commands on all firewalls at once, Update, Reboot, ACL Lists, etc. +version 2.3.27

Added Limited Access System for Dashboards, So Sales Teams can use them without having to login.
This ability is also usefull for Wall Displays as this Limited Access prevents anyone from using
the wall display to view or change any settings.  Making the Wall Display System more secure. +version 2.3.26
Fixed a display inconsistency on the Offender Reports Page. +version 2.3.25

Added Menu section for Dashboards and moved SOC and NOC to there. +version 2.3.24
Renamed Dashboard button to Home. +version 2.3.23
Security Operations Center Dashboard published. +version 2.3.22

Added Support for D-Link DGS-1210 PoE Short Circuit Events. +version 2.3.21
Added Support for D-Link DGS-1210 Auth Events. +version 2.3.20
Fixed bug in IF statement that was clearing auth alerts pre-maturely. +version 2.3.19

Moved Export Logs to Settings Section. Seemed more fitting than in analytics. +version 2.3.18

Added IPv6 functionality to IP Offender Reports module. +version 2.3.17
Added missing js for search functions on new IPv6 pages. +version 2.3.16
Added IPv6 functionality to Global Target Unique IPs. +version 2.3.15
Added IPv6 functionality to Global Target Summary. +version 2.3.14
Added IPv6 functionality to Global Scoreboard. +version 2.3.13
Added Refresh buttons to the top right of several page sections. +version 2.3.12
Found newly introduced incorrect labeling, and corrected it. +version 2.3.11
Updated Authentication Logs page with new table styles, CSS. +version 2.3.10
Found newly introduced bug and fixed it, +version 2.3.09
Updated TCP/IP Raw Logs page with new table styles, CSS, and added Filter by device option. +version 2.3.08

Added ability to remotely upgrade firmware via Checkin Agent.
Added buttons for fimware upgrade to the Firewall info page.
Fixed a bug on NOC Dashboard causing a unit to showup duplicated if it was alarming for more than 1 reason.

Added ability to remote reboot pfSense units to Checkin Agent.
Added ability to remotely reload URL Table Lists
Worked on the NOC Dashboard

Built tutorial on pfmonitor checkin agent script.
Tested Agent Script on 2.3.2 and it seems fine.
Finished some user interfacing on the NOC Dashboard.
Some other tidying up of the code that handles receiving checkins.

Updated version number to 2.3.01
Continued setting up code for Agent Checkin options, finished Checkin Module alpha version.
Some elements tweaked to be friendly at screen resolution of 1366x768, used on many laptops.
Converted buffer database to MEMORY type to eliminate disk I/O from it, and increase ingest speed.
Changed Buffer time to 5 minutes(300 seconds) before the buffer is purged into the main database.
Purged some older data in the database to lighten things up, and older obsolete data.
Created Changelog page.

This log was created on 3/31/2017 and does not contain entries from before this date!

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