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Remotely Manage, Monitor, & Assess Threats in Real-Time

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PFMonitor is a cutting edge system for Remotely Managing all of your pfSense & OPNSense Firewalls, seeing live threat analytics of hits to your devices, Tracking Failed Logins, Managing reboots with a single click, And even Pushing Firmware Upgrades without having to even log into the pfSense or OPNSense units.

PFMonitor also allows you to monitor in real-time, vital statistics of all your pfSense & OPNSense units, including RAM Usage, CPU Usage, State Table Usage, Uptime, Firmware Versions, Interface Stats, ARP Tables, and even your Serial Numbers.

See a preview of the console status right on the page for each firewall device, as if you were connected to it via SSH or Serial.

Built in Dynamic DNS System allows you to setup a Dynamic DNS Name for each device from inside PFMonitor, and for firewalls, this updates automatically if your IP Changes, or for users with Multi-WAN, it automatically switches if a link goes down. This utilizes our own Dynamic DNS system, not a third party that you have to pay extra for, it is included with your PFMonitor subscription.

PFMonitor even helps you keep track of pfSense & OPNSense units which are on DHCP Connections, The new IP will automatically update in PFMonitor within seconds of an IP Change. Making it easy to manage sites without Static IPs.

See Offender Reports on every IP that attacks or scans your Firewalls, and even Collaborative Notes posted to those IPs by our Admins, and other PFMonitor users. Everyone contributes to our knowledge base of known offenders.

Stream a Global Whitelist and Blacklist to all of your pfSense & OPNSense units, as well as a per-firewall White and Black List, Enabling you to block an IP on all of your firewalls in a matter of minutes.

Live Interactive Dashboards formatted for Wall Displays show you at a Glance, Live Attacks on your Units, And their vital statistics in an easy to read chart. Devices with an alert automatically jump to the very top of the list for immediate attention.

Incredibly usefull for Managed Service Providers with many devices, as well as those with a collection of devices at their remote offices. Updating the firmware on a device usually requires logging into the device directly, and running the updates yourself. This easily takes 3-5 minutes per firewall. But with PFMonitor, You can update the firmware and or reboot all of your units in less time that it usually takes to do a single unit.

Supported Devices:
pfSense 2.3.2 and higher (Tested up to 2.6.0p1)
OPNSense 17.7 - 18.1.2 (Discontinued after 18.1.2)
Dell IDRAC 6 (Failed and Successfull Login Alerting, tested on version 1.98)

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Last Updated: 08-17-2022
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