PFMonitor Admin Panel
Code Version: 2.3.52 || Database Version: 2.3.52
Backup Help
Help Guide for PFMonitor Backup System
Basic Functionality
  • There is no need to schedule backup jobs, All firewalls with the Checkin Agent installed are automatically backed up every 6 hours.
  • Backups are transfered over TLS to PFMonitors Cloud, And will not under any circumstance fall back to Unencrypted HTTP.
  • A new backup archive will be discarded to save space if it is identical to its predecessor, and a note will be added in its place of such actions.
  • Every single byte of the backup archive is compared to check if it is a duplicate. Even a slight difference will cause a new backup archive to be saved
  • A Maximum of 25 Backup Archives will be retained per Device, not including notes of duplicates.
  • Backup archives stored in our database are automatically decoded upon download, there is no need to alter them in any way before importing them to the Web Configurator of a pfSense Unit.