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PFMonitor for Managed Services Providers

Benefits to MSPs:
  • Perform firmware upgrades, Reboots, and other critical maintenance on all of your units at once.
  • The average time it takes to manually do a firmware upgrade on a single pfsense is about 2-5 Minutes. Multiply that by 50 units and your staff are spending up to 4 hours just to login, and run the firmware updates.
  • PFMonitor can run firmware upgrades on ALL of your units in the time it takes to do a single unit.
  • PFMonitor can also run numerous basic troubleshooting tasks, usually even if the pfSense's web config is unreachable or hung. Reboots, Restart Services, Password Resets, Flush Automatic IP Bans, Restart OpenVPN, and much more.
  • PFMonitor performs automated backups of your firewall configs every 6 hours in our Secure Cloud for easy recovery after a crash, upgrade, or replacement of a unit.
  • PFMonitor allows you to BAN IPs across all of your firewalls at once, so if an aggressive attacking IP is discovered you can take immediate preventative action by adding it to the Global Blacklist and having it pushed out to all your units.
  • Easily Scan all of your pfSense units at once for an open port.
  • Perform in-depth scans on selected pfSense devices with a single click.

Last Updated: 08-17-2022
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