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PFMonitor Security and SCADA Features

Web Application Firewall: (Optional Addon)
  • Defend your Websites and Web Application Systems, whether they are behind pfSense or not!
  • Automatically detect and block SQL injection attempts.
  • Automatically detect and block XSS injection attempts.
  • Have offending IPs automatically added to your pfSense Firewalls Block List.
  • Have offending IPs automatically added to your CloudFlare Block List. (if applicable)
  • Easily browse and review logs of the detected hits.
  • Standalone Version of our Web Application Firewall is available seperate from PFMonitor.
  • Professional Setup and Installation included.
  • Contact us for a Demonstration and Quote.
  • Use our guides to secure Local and Remote network devices which don't support newer security protocols.
  • Telnet Driven Devices easily upgraded to SSH with no alterations to the device itself, with 2 stage authentication possible for most, even for devices which notably DO NOT support SSH.
  • Restrict the source of connections to devices with no such capability, regardless of their protocol.
  • All SCADA devices secured using our metheds, Become early warning beacons, suddenly able to alert you of network attacks against them, and realtime monitoring.
  • Every SCADA device goes from being a liability, to a contributor to your overall threat intelligence, and another watchdog for attempts to breach or scan your network.
  • PFMonitor in its Hosted form, is defended by several layers of Defense, to ensure Client Security.
  • CloudFlare Reverse Proxy, pfSense Firewalls on All Datacenter Servers, and a Web Application Firewall.
  • Ability to Designate an IP your PFMonitor account can only be accessed from, For Maximum Security.
  • The defenses employed have been tested numerous times, and are tested on an ongoing basis.

Last Updated: 08-17-2022
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